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February 5, 2008

Man, I keep telling myself I'm going to Blob more, but then don't. This is going to be quick because I am doing this before work. Hopefully I have time to post more later tonight, because it has been a busy and very eventful January/beginning of Feb. In a nutshell: Piper Jane went back to Blythedale, Piper Jane then came back to Columbia (where she is now), Reagan got voted into the very elite "Card Club", R got hilights again, J survived CWT's enormous lay-off, J and R went to Boston with the Halls and it was lots of fun but R was grouchy, J met Wii, J and R celebrate one year of wedded bliss, Lacy and Alex got MEIrried and R turned 24 and was grouchy again.

I was really grouchy on my birthday because we had taken the red-eye and were both very tired from the busiest weekend of our lives. Then, I wanted to go do stuff and not sleep all day and Jake wanted to sleep all day. So I left by myself and did all that stuff alone. It was very lonely and sad spending the whole day of my birthday alone, but when I got home around 8, Jake was muy apologetic. I guess sometimes you just can't control how tired you are. I tried to pout for a while, but eventually I accidentally laughed/smiled and had to surrender to Jake's cuteness. He did everything possible to cheer me up and when it was finally working my amazing friends Tamera and Kendra surprised me with some DRUNKIN' GROWNUPS, I mean, DUNKIN' DONUTS and birthday decorations! It was so nice of them to come over and it completely changed my day. Who can complain when their belly is full of dunkin deliciousness? We finished the night by watching Breach (pronounced Bree-otch) and snuggling our socks off. I have the most awesome husband who not only forbids to allow my spoiledrottonnesshood, but never gives up on trying to make me smile. And I have to most awesome friends ever who think I'm the tweetest and bow wow down to me, Hahah! I'll have to post some pictures of the awesome decorations they brought over.

See you later!

December 29, 2007

Wow, two months since my last blog. I think the main reason for that is that I have kind of had a hard time staying positive lately. I've been counting my suckings instead of my blessings if you can relate. But now that I'm feeling a little better, I'm wondering what all my fussing was about. It started with self pity for Piper's health, then it turned into guilt and blame, then came insecurity and low self esteem, now I'm here. It's crazy how fast it tale spins into the feeling of no way out. I'm getting really burned out and I'm tired of not having answers. I'm even tired of not having the answer to when I'll have some answers...or something.

We had a great Christmas together, totally relaxing, but I couldn't stop my mind from thinking about last Christmas. I was just a few months pregnant, laying in bed and wondering about the little person inside me. I kept thinking about what next Christmas would be like with my new little family. With all the different images I dreamed up, none of them were even close to how it really turned out and I guess that has something to do with why I've been a little blue this week. It still was amazing, Jake and I just had to do a little improv to make up. For example, We got a very adorable dress from Grandma Breinholt for Pip to wear on Christmas, but since she is so sick, she hasn't been wearing clothes. So we settled for Christmas socks, then we remembered that she has IVs (one in her foot) so we settle on A Christmas sock. She wasn't crazy about that and right away tried to kick it off, but she WAS crazy about her gifts. She was sincerely grateful for everything she got. It was the first time I'd seen her that involved with her toys and books. There were some really cool toys donated to all the children in the unit from some very nice people, and I'll tell you, we were not forgotten. Piper raked in a few outfits, teddy bears, nice music toys with buttons and lights and even Santa came by. In the 7 months of Pip being there, she has had at least a few hundred dollars worth of things donated to her, and even though we aren't a needy family, the generosity really makes us feel so loved and blessed.

Since Piper has been back at Columbia, nothing huge has really happened (I forgot to mention piper was transferred to a c.h. called Blythedale for three weeks). She has been steadily sick, and very slowly recovering. She has been sedated most of the time, so she hasn't been 100% herself. She did start sucking her thumb like a man woman though. That's pretty cool. And cute. And she is growing like a weed on speed. She is almost 9 and a half pounds. Who knows how that happened because she hardly tolerates any of her feeds. Maybe they are sneaking in a chocolate sundae while we aren't there. That would be cool with me. I tried to talk them into letting me turn my breast milk into chocolate breast milk, but I got a "no" and a look of horror from the nurse, so I guess it's pretty bad hahaha. Enough about Piper.

I was working four days a week at Oleg Kaz, then I moved to three and now I'm going back to four. It's fine with me either way. Now my Fridays (day off) are so busy that I can hardly see straight. Running errands is so much more of a hassle in Manhattan than anywhere else. I don't know who to blame for that, but I'll think of someone soon. The point is, work days are much more relaxing than my days off. I read, drink peppermint tea, get a manicure, chat with my girlfriends and watch Oprah. I don't know how I got so lucky to work at such an awesome salon. Sometimes it's really busy, and I still get to do all that stuff, it just goes by faster and I get paid really good. Did you know spell check knows who Oprah is? Huh, no red line. We had our work party tonight, it was a lot of fun. Even though I thought everyone at work was so laid back, it was nothing compared to being with them outside of work. Lots of fun, lots of food and lots of laughs.

I'll do better with the blobbing. Pinky swear.

October 28, 2007

 Yo, Yo. How is everyone? Dying to see everyone's Halloween costumes and such. It's such a fun time of year. I love the transition from summer to fall and how pleasant it is to walk outside. I hate cold weather, but the mild fall is perfect. Plus, I'm just starting to break out my winter coat, and it is so cute on me. Fall is really the season of style, you can layer without freezing, or sweating. It's brilliant. I love when British people say that.

After several hours of teasing, tickling, being sweet, cuddling, complimenting, etc. Jake finally cheered me up. I think this has been one of my most emotional weekends. Suddenly, I have felt really picked on for the situation with Piper. I'm mad at everyone who just gets to walk in the next room when they want to see their baby. I'm jealous of people who get to scoop up their baby whenever they want to feel close to them without beeps and buzzers going off. People that can hold their baby in any position that makes them comfortable without having to worry about tubes, wires, attachments and you get the point. It's really not fair to Piper, Jake or me. We realize that it wouldn't be more fair to anyone else though. It's just hard to accept. Jake and I both had episodes with trying to hold Piper this week that really opened our eyes to her situation. She is still not quite 7 pounds yet, since she is throwing up so much. Five months old and still smaller than I was at birth.

Jake went to the Skittle (hospital) alone after work one night and decided to take Pip out and hold her. No big deal there. He took her out, immediately she turned purple, everyone ran over to her in a panic and Jake was asked to leave the room. He wound up just coming home. It's so frustrating having a ten minute process just to HOLD her! Then, I was there alone the other night after work and I took her out to hold her as well. Whoever had strung her tubes and wires didn't do a very good job, because they were all tangled and once I took her out, I realized that I had to put her back and fix everything or we'd both be uncomfortable. That took about 15 minutes and when I finally got her out, it was a matter of minutes before she barfed all over me and soak my shirt. I got the point that it was just not the night to hold her. I was wearing a long sleeved shirt over a tank top and it was a little cold that night. I walked home in the tank top and felt sorry for myself the whole way. I decided that it must be wonderful to know what it's like to have a baby attached to nothing but her binkie. I'm sure it would be wonderful to be that baby too.

This is going to be a long blog, a lot has happened. Feel free to skip some paragraphs if you want. Jake and I visited Blythdale Children's Hospital in Westchester last week. For those who don't know, that is where Piper is being transferred. It is 40-ish minutes away. Sucky. We are heartbroken to leave Columbia. We are so satisfied and happy there. As happy as you can be with the circumstances. We are going to miss our nurses, doctors and the families that we have grown so close with. It is going to be a lot harder to see her every day with the commute and I'll have to get my driver's license valid. I have never driven in the city. I am such a fraidy-cat of driving here. I am not an aggressive driver at all, and I haven't minded at all that Jake has had the driving covered for our entire relationship. We'll see how this goes. Despite how sad we are, it is a step closer to help her development and to coming home one day. One of her nurses said that if she does REALLY well there, she might be able to come home at the end of next summer. Can you imagine that? At a year and a half old, coming home. We'll see.

On a lighter note, made Piper's Halloween costume and I'm so excited for her to wear it. It is a little cavewoman (I channeled Pebbles Flintstone) outfit, with a matching Bone headband. She will be so cute and all the nurses went completely nuts over it making me feel like the worlds most creative mother. I'm not, I'm just not busy changing diapers, so I have some time on my hands for these cute little projects. I also made myself a cute navy blue number, for not Halloween.

We went to a Halloween party and the Hardy's on Friday. We were pretty impressed. We couldn't believe how much festive food there was. Everything was so scary looking, but delicious tasting. Jake walked away winning two costume prizes. Once you see what he wore, you'll know why. We were sweatin' with the 80's in the appropriate attire. We had so much fun getting dressed for the party and surprisingly didn't buy a single item for the event. Yes, I actually own everything pictured. It was fun going to a party that everyone had gone all out for in the costume department. You know that fear of showing up and being severely overdressed, it was not that way at all. We have some really fun friends here. Love them.

As rough as this week/weekend has been, I am amazed at the support group Jake and I have. We have to most amazing friends here that are family to us. We have people to hang out with all the time who help us forget about how bad things have been and we just have a great time with them. It could be worse. I could be going through this without Jake. If that were the case, I might have given up by now. They teach us at the hospital about families who are consumed by having sick babies. A lot of the marriages don't last because they don't know how to set apart time for each other. It's hard to balance everything, but Jake and I have done pretty good. We have a pretty great little family here. 


October 14, 2007

Hey everyone. It has been so long since I have blogged. I know you are all very disappointed, so I'm sorry. It's been a good month with few complaints. I'll get into all that right now :)

I started work this week at a place called Oleg Kaz Salon. It's a nice change doing the hair of the Upper West Siders. I like the laid back feel of the salon too. It was a really good week there and I got to know all the cool people that work there also. They are from all over and I learned a sentence in Turkish and Russian this week. Maybe I'll learn both of the languages now. How awesome would that be? Anyway, if you need a haircut, come in. You'll never be the same. (In a good way)

Piper had a miner surgery on Monday. It went really well. The procedure they did was for a permanent feeding tube, since she can't really suck. It's called a Gastrostomy Tube. It's not too bad looking, but not too pretty either. The best news of all, is that her face is completely cleared up. She doesn't have a single tube or anything on it at all. Just her beautiful little baby face.

They have started giving her continuous feeds. She wasn't tolerating her feeds very well so they started breaking up her feeds in to 20CCs at a time. That helped, but didn't completely solve it, so they hooked up this machine that slowly pumps 20CCs every hour. Which means, she is eating all day long. Not too bad eh? I wouldn't mind being hooked up to one of those things.

I, proudly, have started tracheal suctioning. I thought I would never do it. But I started last week. What that means, is that I can do everything for her daily routine that the nurses do for her. I was really afraid the first time, because it does hurt her, but after a day, I had become really confident. She has had a great week, but slept NONSTOP! So maybe next week she'll wake up and play with us a little bit. Maybe for Grandma and Grandpa Breinholt.

Um...that's about it. Oh yeah, Jake got bit by a spider. He'll probably write all about that. I'll just say that I'm so happy he figured out what was wrong with him. He had me really worried for a few days. Muah.

Septy 19, 2007

It's been a decent week. Jake and I claim we are marathon training, but we haven't really been doing much running. My miles are only up to 11 and that's on a good day. I can't blame it on the heat anymore because the weather has been incredible. Trust me though, I'm very good at finding things to blame. I really need new running shoes.

The weekend before last, my friends Lacy and Christa came to visit. They were both able to meet Piper and we did some fun random things like go to a Mets game and eat lots of food. This will probably be happening more in the future since Christa will be interning in D.C. for the next few months. It was a lot of fun to have them both here, and Lacy came with good tidings (outfits for Piper).

Last weekend, we finally went to the Summer of Love: Art of the Psychedelic Era exhibition at the Whitney.  I have been begging and dying to see it all summer, and since it was it's final weekend, I really put my foot down. It wound up being completely worth all the complaining. We had so much fun at it. My favorite: Still photography from various artists and the entire Woodstock room, Least favorite: People that were clearly dressing up like hippies so they would look like experts haha. I haven't smelled that much incense since my sister Erin was in high school.

With Piper, She has been perfect. Not only have her sats been excellent, but she has just been adorable as ever. She invented smiling recently and only does it on occasion, but I think the reason for that is just like a good joke, if it's used too much it loses the effect. See how wise she is? They have begun discussing the possibility of a transitional facility within the next few months, and for us that is really inconvenient. The closest one is in Westchester which is 30 minutes outside the city. I don't have a license, so I will have to take a hospital van hahaha. With a place like this, the parents are expected to spend more time there and really get used to doing things on their own to prepare for the baby coming home. Scary. But we'll most likely have nursing care at home with Piper's circumstances. Even though she's been doing great, it's been really hard to not see any improvements. She is still on a ventilator and is still getting a lot of support from it. It is giving her 40 breaths every minute. Still, even with venty she is stable enough that we can have a very undisturbed visit. I'm taking her out myself and doing everything for her these days. Fran has been joking that I need to take it easy or she'll have to start splitting her salary with me.

On a sad last note, Baby Sinaya died on Sunday. I never met her mother, but her Grandmother (Winnie) and I became very close. She is the one who makes all those pretty angel drawings for the cribs/isolets. Sinaya was almost 7 months old and had become very sick due to infections related to her Tracheostomy. She was trached shortly after Piper and it helped so much to have another baby that had something in common with Piper. Winnie spent so much time at the hospital and was so much support for me.  I can't imagine what it will be like without her.


August 27, 2007

Jake is sitting in front of me blogging, and I'm sitting behind him blogging on the laptop. Cute. As most of you know, Piper had her surg last week, and it went splendid. She has been so cute the last few days that it really has been hard to leave her. She will be awake for so long that when I'm done reading to her and talking about what's new at home, she is still awake. So I have to talk about non-sense. I love that she is awake for so long though, it means she is getting older. I officially don't know any babies in there anymore. Now that Melanie went home on Friday, and Anthony moved to a private pod, I have no friends there. None of the new people are as friendly. Especially since most of them are full term and have a very short stay.

I can't think of anything else to write. Let's see....something to talk about. Um, this is awkward. Oh, I made this really cute new dress for Piper out of the Holly Hobby material her grandma Breinholt had left over from the quilt she made. I've been trying to think of something cute to make for her new cousin Sophie, so I'll see if I have enough to make a twin cousin dress. I hate when people call things twins. The only thing that is a twin is when two kids are born at the same time. Anything else is really just matching, right?  Unless of course you're talking about the Minnesota Twins.



August 13, 2007

Hey everyone, it's been a few. August has been a very eventful and stress filled month so far. It was really nice to be able to go to Nathan's wedding after going back and forth on the decision for so long. It was great to see everyone and not have to miss two weddings in a row. Sadly, I came back to a very sick and unstable Piper which made me feel extremely guilty for leaving her. After my red-eye flight and two hour train ride ride home on Tuesday morning, I walked in to see Piper fighting off a team of Doctors who were struggling to put the LMA in. Poor baby was NOT happy about this.  Neither was I. I can't hold her with the LMA in, and I can barely even stand to watch her be so uncomfortable. Thankfully, when Jake and I went in yesterday, she had seemed to calm down finally. It took her several days to get used to having it back in.

They also decided to give her a PICC line. This is a more permanent type of IV so they dont have to poke her so much. The problem is, it's a lot harder to put in, and sometimes takes several tries. On Friday, they spent a couple hours trying to get it in her arms and legs with no luck, so they shaved her head and tried there...with no luck. Her head is shaved for no reason. I was just starting to use her clips too. They got it in her arm the next day which I'm glad for. With all her hair gone, I was able to count all the spots where they attempted the PICC. 8 pokes just in her head. Poor thing. But I have to say, I'm really glad it didn't end up there.

Mike and Jeni came out this week. You know when you have those really awesome visitors? We had so much fun taking a breather from our hectic-ness to hang out. We caught the Beastie Boys show two nights in a row and ate at some delish Vegan places. I'm so glad I finally got to know them better since Jake talks about them like every day. And it always makes us proud to show off our little Pip. They totally adored her, we loved it.

I hope I didn't bring everyone down with the bad news. I'm hoping for a big turn around with Piper's health and with her strength, I believe it can happen. I love her and her sweet baby eyes more every day. And she's the best looking bald baby I've ever seen. Top that.

July 6, 2007

This shouldn't take too much of your time today, nothing is really new. Especially with Piper. She now weighs 3 lbs 13 oz and they are expecting to do surgery on her chin/jaw as soon as she gains another pound or two. That is sadly all that's new with her. She hasn't made any improvements which has been really hard to deal with. At least we can be thankful that she is beefing up a little.

Now that it's summer, Jake and I have tried to not feel too guilty about doing something outdoors here and there. We were able to go long boarding/skateboarding last weekend down to the pier on 72nd to do some kayaking. That was really exciting for me since I've never done it before. I'm still not very good at long boarding and it was taking forever, so Jake ended up doing all the pushing and we just held hands the whole way. People just thought we were holding hands because we are romantic. For the fourth, we ended up going on a hike upstate with some of our friends Carl and Becca from church. I was expecting the hike to be a rock here, a hill there, but it ended up being pretty out of control. It was a lot of scrambling and hoisting. We had a really good time minus missing our exit on the way up and driving an hour extra.

Monday, Piper turned 6 weeks old. I can't believe it! I was also finally allowed to start running that day which I have missed so much. I only ran a couple miles, but it felt great. With that, and the  hike a couple days later I have been able to feel active again. Well, bye.

June 19, 2007

I guess a lot has happened since the last blogular. I was a little emotional for a few weeks and wanted to wait for sunnier days to update everyone. So read on for excitement, happiness and possibly a pun or two.

Piper has gained her birth weight back and some change. She is about three and a half lbs now. I think that is as much as my hand. I decided I'm kind of jealous of babies. I wish people would make as much fuss over me for stretching my legs, opening my eyes or gaining a few ounces like everyone does for them. For some reason, everything she does is so cute. Jake can't get anything done at work because he gets a text every 2 minutes from me saying how awesome Piper is for waking up or finishing her lunch. She can't help being so awesome though. She even likes awesome music already. The other NICU parents think we are crazy for singing Sublime and The White Stripes to her (edited of course). I've tried kid songs, but she doesn't seem to care that the cheese stands alone or who the dish ran away with. So she gets her way :)

Her staph infection cleared up and all she has dealt with this week is an annoying eye infection and some breathing issues. I finally got to bring her some baby booties, and I ordered her some NICU friendly premie clothes. I can't wait to put them on her. The biggest news of all, Jake and I have started holding her. I held her for the first time the Thursday before last. The bigger she gets, the more often we'll hold her. It's hard right now because she is so small and fragile, so we get nerv. We are finding out which nurses are better with her, and even which ones she likes more. One of them told me that when she came in one morning, Piper had her middle finger up at her. She closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep like I do when I have been caught for doing something bad. Yesterday, she got a special mattress for babies that need deep sleeping. It helps elevate her for easier breathing and is very soft so she can be more comfortable while she sleeps. After less than one day, I can tell she loves it.

As for me, I am feeling great. I can't wait to start running again. I was going to sneak in a run and lie to Jake about it, but lying is bad. So I just walk a lot. I feel good enough to run, but I don't want to risk anything. Anyway, maybe next time I blog I'll write about something non-baby related. Probably not though. So if you hate cute babies, stop reading.

June 3, 2007

After two weeks straight of visitors, we're all alone.  It has been so fun to have friends and family around.  I have a lot of rest to catch up on. Especially after last nights trip to the ER (I'll write about that later).

Piper is doing well and looking better every day. They've taken out the thing in her foot that she was being fed through. Now she is only getting breast milk. Mmmmm, hahaha.  Never mind, I just talked to Jake (who is walking home from visiting her) and he said she is sick. They told us yesterday that she had gotten a chest x-ray and it had come back pretty cloudy. They didn't know if she had some kind of infection in lungs, or if she had breathed in some milk. She got another x-ray today, and it looks a little better, but she has a blister on her chest. They are giving her antibiotics, hopefully she'll be better soon. I hate that I wasn't able to go see her with Jake, but hopefully this afternoon I'll be feeling better. Jake said that she woke up right when he got there, but fell asleep as soon as she had his hand to cuddle with. Aw, cute.

I had such a fun week with Deanna. It was awesome for Jake to meet her finally. It was pretty much a double dose of me, because she is as out of control as I am. Jake was a good sport though. Then, my sisters came and that was really fun too.  I can't believe how big Meg is. I saw her only two months ago and she has already changed so much. We were able to hang out a good amount considering it was a work trip for Jody. We went to a nice dinner, walked all around the park and Meg got to sleep over. Hooray! DO NOT READ AHEAD IF YOU ARE EASILY GROSSED OUT!

Lastly, we had a miserable night Saturday. Shortly after I got home from babysitting Meg at the Hotel, my incision started bleeding. It was bleeding so much that Jake and I started panicking. We called the doctor sever times, but the front desk girls kept transferring us to voice-mail. So we finally decided just to go the the ER. We were there all night once again. Apparently, the reason my incision had gotten so swollen, was because it had filled up with old blood (it was bleeding black darkness).  I bled the entire night and it still hasn't stopped. The doctor squeezed it and pushed on the sides to try and get all the black bloodiness out of it, and it finally slowed down quite a bit. The good news is, the swelling has gone down so much. I started calling my wound the "Harmonica" because it looks like I'm trying to steal one under my shirt. Anyway, this is getting long. Smell ya later. 

May 28th, 2007

Hello.  Pretty busy week I guess. I can't believe I'm a mama! I'm so excited and I love it. All I need to do now is hold my child! In case you haven't looked at all the pictures, and blog and everything else, we named her Piper Jane and she is completely adorable.

It all started Saturday, the 19th. I wasn't feeling the normal wiggling. I have to thank Piper for being such a crazy baby because otherwise, I may not have known something was wrong. I decided to call the doctor, and she said to check in to Labor and Delivery right away. Jake and I thought it was nothing and figured we'd be home in a few hours to look for a new parking spot. Anyway, after hours of steroid shots, IVs, hospital food and some monitoring, they told me just one more ultrasound at one pm on Monday. Depending on that, I could go home. They decided to do it early (11 am) and after 40 minutes of my "Little Bean" not moving, they rushed me upstairs for an emergency C-Section.  It was pretty intense. The doctor just said that he was going to hook me up to another monitor and POSSIBLY do the surgery. But something must have changed his mind on the way up, because suddenly he was running and I was being warned to keep my hands within the stretcher. The doors were being flung open and people kept saying in panicked voices "is this her?" It was really crazy. I don't want to gross you out so I'll heavily summarize the next part. They sliced open my belly and pulled out a baby! Yay!!!! I didn't get to see her because the Pediatrician had to rush her downstairs, but they were able to give me her feet prints and tell me what color her hair was.

While they were giving me the anesthesia, they apologized that Jake couldn't be there and one of the nurses wrote his number on her scrubs so she could go call him. He hurried so fast and got there minutes after they finished. We got to see her a little while later and it was one of the most insane experiences I've ever had. I couldn't believe that this little tiny person was the one growing and playing inside me for all those months! I felt like I was pregnant forever, and for some reason I forgot that a baby would ever come out. But, one did. And she's so funny and cute, and nice. Hahaha

I'm not done, i'll write more later.

May 11th, 2007

Hooray, you get to read about me! Where should I start? Most of you know that Jake and I have just gotten news that we'll be having the baby early (I'm being induced mid-June at the latest). We are so excited about that. I have a good feeling that things will go well, and hopefully I'm right. We have been working hard on getting things ready for her. I just got all of the boxes my mom sent from the baby showers last night, and I have spent all morning putting the treasures away. She snuck in some of her chocolates (my favorite kind, Raspberry Truffles) and it has slowed down the job a lot. I know she delivered six kids, but maybe she forgot about the ballooning that happens in the last few months of pregnancy. I can barely wear my wedding ring with these puffy fingers. at least my bum is warm.  There are some things about pregnancy that are fun right now. SOME, I said. Like, putting all of her mini clothes away, buying mini furniture and dreaming of being skinny.  It's also kind of fun that I get to have two ultrasounds a week. I get to see her behavior more than most mothers-to-be and I've learned a lot about her. She's a thumb-sucker. Also, with the million ultrasounds that I have had, she hasn't held still for a single one. I think someone upstairs is trying to prepare me for her wildness. I've promised all of the nurses that once she comes, I'll put her in time out for all the frustration she caused them.

I guess I'll talk about something other than the baby. Jake and I are going to Memphis in two weeks for my sister's wedding. Erin and JR are getting married May 26th. We are so excited. I'm especially excited for a few reasons: I love weddings, my whole family will be there AND my two best friends Jessica and Deanna will be there! I'm also so excited to show Jake the south. He hasn't really been there so I'm going to show him a good time. First thing, I'm going to get him some BBQ ribs and take him to Graceland. I wish we could go to my home town for his first time in TN, but it is 6 hours from Memphis, so there is no way. It's a lot prettier, greener and safer in Oak Ridge. He'll still get to see some authentic mullets though. Speaking of hair, I get to be the stylist for Erin's wedding. Make-up too. She is going to look beautiful! We really agree on looks, so that makes it better that I know I wont have to do something atrocious. Our family has been looking forward to this wedding for a year and a half, and Erin has worked so hard on it. We can't wait!!! I'm just not looking forward to being 8 1/2 months preg in the southern heat! Ok, bye.